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So you got your new boat! You're all excited, friends and family are with you, and you invested all that money just to have this moment. And FINALLY - here it is!

...and all of the sudden - you're trolling motor doesn't work, your fish finder doesn't work, or your battery isn't cranking that expensive motor.

You spend all that time and money to get on the water,

...and now - maybe a $100 part or the wrong wiring kit is ruining your trip and the potential of an experience of a lifetime.

Look friend - we been there too and we understand the struggle.

At Jones Trolling Motor, we want you to know that IT NEVER HAS TO BE THER WAY AGAIN!

Back when this first happened to me (Michael Yoder, Owner) I had no one to call (no "expert" anyway - I mean, there's always a million new kids working at the local fishing shop or an engine techy at a marina who would love to give me their personal recommendation - but reality is, they don't know the answer to my specific question because they haven't been in that specific situation).

This is why Jones Trolling Motor was originally created - because fishing and boating electronics is not "motor work" and it's not "fishing techniques" - it's a whole different animal.

When we first started - honestly we didn't know how special what we did was. I mean - everyone says "yeah - we do electronics too".

But let's be honest, they do it because they do "labor work" in their garage - but we soon discovered they didn't know what we knew.

So over time, 1000s of customers trusted us and we became a household name for "electronics done right - the first time".

And now, I believe so strongly in what we do and how well we do it - I'd be serving you up "false humility" if I said "we'll do a good job",

...friend, I KNOW we'll do an OUTSTANDING JOB and I put my name behind it.

So if that's what you need - and you want a fair price, make sure you contact us today and see for yourself.

Me and my team won't let you down.

Once you get our help, you're apart of the Jones Trolling Motor family and we take a lot of pride in that.

I'm waiting by the phone for your call - 870-773-3474

Michael "your trusted electronics dude" Yoder

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Your boat can’t run without efficient, reliable equipment. Jones Trolling Motor and Electronics ships motors and parts to all of the lower 48 states. You can take a look at our current options and have them sent directly to you, just in time for your next excursion. We’re a dealer for top-quality brands like:

Minn Kota

Plus, we offer trolling motor repair service. Learn more about our boat equipment and accessories now by calling 870-773-3474.

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Jones Trolling Motor and Electronics has been providing exceptional trolling motors repair services to Texarkana, AR and Texarkana, TX since 2003. Our customers keep coming back to us because of our dedication to customer service. If you aren't sure which parts or materials your boat needs, we're here to help. You can ask us for recommendations or to schedule repairs at any time.

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