Jones Trolling Motor Repair     870 773 3474 Talons Multiple Control Options: Control Talon from anywhere on the boat using your choice of options: Control Panel, Wireless Remote, Foot Switch, i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link Remote, Mobile App or right from the Humminbird fish finder User-Selectable Anchoring Modes: Separate anchoring modes for Rough Water (heavy wind and chop), Soft Bottom (muddy or silted bottom), and standard (normal anchoring) Built-in Work Light: Illuminate the boat transom any time of day — or night. Includes two colors (white and blue) and each has three brightness intensity settings Talon Remote: Lets you control stow, deploy, anchoring modes, multiple Talon selection and work light; comes standard with two remotes Bluetooth Connectivity: Control Talon from your mobile device (iOS or Android) and easily update software Indestructible Anchoring Spike: Strong and flexible composite anchor spike backed with a lifetime guarantee Vertical Deployment: Keeps Talon out of the way of your fishing lines Wave Absorption: Built-in floating suspension keeps your boat anchored down even in rough water, enabling your boat to move up or down without affecting the anchor Auto Up/Down: Automatically deploy or retract your Talon with the push of a button; no need to hold the button down Pivoting Design: Talon includes a mounting bracket that allows for up and down adjustments to fit any transom, 30 degrees of pivoting and easy removal Deployment Notification Alarm: Alerts you when trying to take off while Talon is deployed Saltwater-Tough Engineering: Keeps Talon safe from the corrosive effects of saltwater Call for pricing -- also ask about our package pricing, including Talon, Bracket and customer order accessories We also have the Covers, Tilt Brackets and wireless footpedals. Gallery click here