Jones Trolling Motor Repair     870 773 3474 Power poles Give yourself the ultimate advantage / Enjoy the Blade The pinnacle of performance and unrivaled precision craftsmanship is here. The Power-Pole Blade Edition is STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER. Securely stop on command in up to 10 feet and position yourself perfectly using the integrated C-Monster control system. The rugged Everflex® spike is virtually unbreakable and stows away quickly and quietly into the pocket design on this slick aerodynamic model. Step up your game and go with the Blade Edition - tested for toughness and refined for extreme durability.     Features:     Soft Close System ™     Available up to 10ft deep     Powder coated finish     Down and away deployment     Drive-off protection     Includes:     2-button Key Fob Remote     Advanced Dash Switch     New Hydraulic Pump (HPU)     Heavy-duty Hydraulic Hose     Bluetooth ® Jones Trolling Motor Repair is your complete power pole dealer.  From Service to Sales, we can keep you on the Water, and locked in position with the Power Poles. Several different models available, ranging in price from $1299.99 to $1999.99 list. Call us at 870 773 3474 or Email at: For Price Quotes